May 8, 2012

Like Never Before

D G Bm G
I'm call-ed to believe, in the things, that you shutter a-bout.
oh oh oh-kiss me when you wake
I've been dream this (day) we will make.

(oh oh oh)- shake it off now. take it off now, Honey settle with me,
I cannot believe it, wasn't that hard to choose

Picture perfect sunny girl
Now your taking pictures with me
Oh the places we will see
All the world will know, we were there

A Em G

Years and years wrapped up around it, stayed the same, as the very first day
Suddenly my heart starts pounding, your so astounding, in your very own way

D G Bm G
Get wet with our clothes on. swimming on the dry land. 
Now that it's pouring like never before,
So glad that you chose me, so glad that you know me, 
All this time like never before,

Em G Bm G
No matter the places we frequent
The things that I know
Come crawling back to me

And when I can never touch you
Long after you've left me
Those places I will go

D G Bm G
You'll be alive in me.

Won't you come with white spring bleeding out
oh oh oh. You're breathing life in my being,
singing and we're singing, on the delta without fleeing

(no no no)- get wet with our clothes on. swimming on the dry land.
Honey settle with me, i know you won't leave me, not that you have to go.
All rights reserved, (C) 2012 John Canales