December 16, 2012

To have have and to hold- innocent

D            D/C#                                G
everyone around is waiting for me to fail,
D               D/C#                G     G/F#  Em
   here i am alone think all is well,
                                        D   D/C#                       G
you better believe i believe it,           when i see her smile,

                                                D   D/C#                       G    G/F#
you better believe that i can feel it,       but i'm blind for a mile,

          Em                                       D
all the while...       she's planning on leaving,

D F# G Em

D            D/C#                                G
how'd it get so bad, how'd we end up so sad,

remember when we were younger

oh,  i'm so like her- a lover.

i  thought it was innocent, now there's nothing known

it was innocent, my love- my friend,

my only hope, that you'll know me and what we had

D F# G Em
to have and to hold, she's growing cold,
suddenly changes have been made for me,
i'm getting colder, i'm getting older,  (needs more kick)
slowly waiting to pick it up again, 

Bm G D G (capo 2 Am F C F)
Watching changes that've been made for me
Last in my mind Done passing time
Last thing I want is for you to look at at me
but you've witnessed me

December 9, 2012

Worth Giving- in progress lyric before music

1 when so many things are worth giving up for
   multiplied and thick, we're getting sick, I'm letting go.
   carfully placed one at a time, each day is all we need
2 when so many things are worth leaving for
   red light fallen star, who knows where we are, I'm letting go.

3 It's you i need.
  but your worth giving

4 Yet the song I sing, when i breath,
   dying for air, scratching the sky, I'm letting go.

5 though meant for you, short breath is my best,
   i could use what you have right now, I'm letting go.

6 (but) it's you i need. 
   but your worth seeing

7 insatiably honest but cold in your hand
  your so honest it hurts thanks for being gentle

8 just leave me the way you found me 
  better the way you found me

9 but all i need is you. 
   Am I'm worth leaving

10 remember how true we were 
  Back when we started, you meant different for me, 

11 when no one mattered i mattered the most
   Yet here I am, do I mean the same.

12 fade to grey. undone.  

Concept rewrite for version 3: (focus on the theme)

"love lost story. teetering on the edge. 
reminiscing. sadness. hopeful future of regrets.
glory girl, life's answer."

if i ,
how you
i would have

visual link, 
redefine visual link
like a .... massive end.

incorporate a Shelia Davis approach
- A Genuine Idea
- A Memorable Title
- A Strong Start
- A Payoff
- The Appropriate Form

A rewrite exercise (c) 2012 John Canales, all rights reserved