December 9, 2012

Worth Giving- in progress lyric before music

1 when so many things are worth giving up for
   multiplied and thick, we're getting sick, I'm letting go.
   carfully placed one at a time, each day is all we need
2 when so many things are worth leaving for
   red light fallen star, who knows where we are, I'm letting go.

3 It's you i need.
  but your worth giving

4 Yet the song I sing, when i breath,
   dying for air, scratching the sky, I'm letting go.

5 though meant for you, short breath is my best,
   i could use what you have right now, I'm letting go.

6 (but) it's you i need. 
   but your worth seeing

7 insatiably honest but cold in your hand
  your so honest it hurts thanks for being gentle

8 just leave me the way you found me 
  better the way you found me

9 but all i need is you. 
   Am I'm worth leaving

10 remember how true we were 
  Back when we started, you meant different for me, 

11 when no one mattered i mattered the most
   Yet here I am, do I mean the same.

12 fade to grey. undone.  

Concept rewrite for version 3: (focus on the theme)

"love lost story. teetering on the edge. 
reminiscing. sadness. hopeful future of regrets.
glory girl, life's answer."

if i ,
how you
i would have

visual link, 
redefine visual link
like a .... massive end.

incorporate a Shelia Davis approach
- A Genuine Idea
- A Memorable Title
- A Strong Start
- A Payoff
- The Appropriate Form

A rewrite exercise (c) 2012 John Canales, all rights reserved

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