January 8, 2014

Loyal Lions

Capo vi
Verse Am F C C
Chorus F C Em Am

Waking up is the hardest way,
To realize it ain't the same, without you,
Show the skies the slowest weather,
No I don't think it's any better, without you,

Don't curb your love, just curb your fight,
Keep driving through that endless night, desire on fire, without you
I smell it on you dirty shirt, Lipstick stained my colors burst, desire on fire, without you

Brave it through your strangest ways,
I made it through your endless maze, without you,
I'm not your drug, Quit coming back,
I'll changed the locks, I'll move away,
Without you.

Like loyal lions in a den of thieves
So predictable to steal from me.
Before you you start, take me heart,
I don't want it back.

I can smell it when your off of work
It feel so pristine the sharpest collar with dirt.

Honey wouldn't you hate to screen out the truth
standing so far away i have no idea what your saying
but your staying, like loyal lions put to work

Part of me can last forever,
once you start putting me back together
it's not enough
every thing you say
pull me out and we can keep the kids alive