November 24, 2012

Diamond to North Wind

F Am C G
It was the best of life, All that was meant to be
Diamonds for the world to see, She's stuck in a cabin near the woods

Such a lady like that, a friend, With such long hair,
Hangin down to her knees, without a care,

Stood with bare feet on the stone, The poor moon hangs above,
Against the hill it waits, The boy anticipates,

Such a boy to think beyond her grave,
Gentle cry brave is stripped away,
Search for her,

Sharp as a knife, Weeping ash,
Don't fight for no good,
Where ever you find yourself,

A door in the yard,
Searching for yourself,
Dreaming not to be,

Waiting with the window light,
Guiding every step,
Glimmer with shapes alone,

Like the wind when it's waking up.
A work in progress, all rights reserved (C) 2012 John Canales

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